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Math-Gol-Banner-OfficialWhether you’re a teacher or a student, easily access our math lessons hosted from our very fast server. Math Gol a.k.a Math Life is also offering an eye-catcher quiz for each lesson. Of course you can also get our math worksheets either in open format or multiple-choice type. These resources are always for FREE of use.

MathGol Math Lessons Banneralso offers worksheets made and ran by LaTeX, a document preparation system and document markup language widely used in mathematics and other scientific endeavors. These worksheets are available for most of our lessons with no monetary obligations on your end.

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Our math lessons are designed for ease of use to help you understand the basic and advanced levels.

Finding the best math lessons elsewhere can be confusing. So, we asked knowledgeable and experienced teachers and professors to help us designed lesson plans to achieve better learnings in mathematics and statistics.

But if you think our lessons do not fit to your standards, then you can email and inform us of your ways and guidelines to improve the writeups of this website. After all, we are all learners and educators.

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Quizzes hosted at Math Gol used a plugin that can handle LaTeX rendition. So, you don't have to worry if mathematical equations and symbols are rendered here beautifully.

Whether using iPhone, iPad, tablet, or other smartphone, access our quizzes or practice tests anywhere, and anytime and be amazed of our elegant environment.

Thanks to G. Michael Guy, an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Queensborough Community College, for providing such stunning plugin.

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Downloading worksheets hosted at Google Docs is easier when you have them publicly shared. That is why we've hosted our documents at the popular document hosting site.

If you are looking for printable math worksheets in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and statistics, probably in multiple-choice type, we recommend you bookmark this site and look no further.

If you have a suggestion or request to make a worksheet for a specific topic, then email us at no cost for you but if you may donate for the maintenance of this site, then you are welcome to do so.